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Our Story: What We Do


Developed since 2019, Chashi Foods produces a new and tasty range of 100% natural dried food products. Our range of sweet or savoury products are high in essential vitamins, providing a guilt-free indulgent for our customers.


Chashi Foods dried fruits and vegetables are made from produce bought directly from farmers, helping reduce post-harvest losses. Through sustainable and fair trade practices, we support communities and enrich lives.

Our Story: About Us


We value collaboration within and beyond our Zimbabwean borders. We have built partnerships in 4 countries; Costa Rica, Uganda, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. Our operations involve producing dried food using farm produce bought directly from rural farmers in Zimbabwe. Beyond buying from rural farmers, we continue to support farmers through providing mentorship and training in post harvest management and agribusiness. During the Covid19 pandemic and the nation wide lockdown period, we trained over 100 farmers in post harvest management and helped reduce over a 5 tons of produce from being lost. 

Image by Perry Grone


Post harvest losses have a negative impact on the environment as food decay releases methane, which is 28 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, and is associated with global climate change. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions in reducing food loss. We used a closed system value chain; conserving energy and minimising residue waste, thus contributing to a green economy. We use smart energy efficient processing to help minimise our carbon footprint. 

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