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Seeding Change

Chashi Foods: seeding change through a sustainable model

Chashi Foods aims to promote sustainable food preservation, to be a catalyst in facilitating post-harvest management in agriculture. This is governed by our desire to conserve the environment. This we do through the 3P Model – People, Planet and Profit. We care about this cause because nutrition takes a prominent position among our universal needs, yet access to food is far from equitable. As the world’s population is expected to increase to 9 billion in the next 30 years, sustainability in food processing, consumption and preservation should continue to be a global priority.

The balancing of People, Planet and Profit is often represented visually as a triangle within which we can add value to people’s lives, conserve our planet and grow as a profitable enterprise. People addresses social wellbeing, Planet for ecological quality and Profit for economic prosperity. The triangle shape symbolises the interconnection between the Ps and signifies how one P should not profit at the expense of the other.

Under People, we consider our team, the energy and passion the put into the enterprise work, and the wider community of partners and customers that help us grow our business. In addition, we consider People with reference to how much our business benefits the society around us. As such, Chashi Foods cares about human capital, which we value as a key centre for our enterprise to be successful. One of our value pillars is giving back to the community by through our social development partnerships in line with SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic growth. We are excited for our first partner in this area of work, Watchman Relief Organisation - a cooperative of women in rural Domboshava district in Zimbabwe advocating the maintenance of natural resources such as water.

The Planet piece of the triple Ps line indicates that our organization tries to reduce its carbon footprint. These efforts include reducing working towards reducing tomato waste and using solar energy in our operations. To achieve this, we are excited to collaborate with Sparky Social Enterprise, a Ugandan based Startup building eco-friendly machinery for food drying in Sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to achieve uphold our mission and work alongside our partners by making sure we remain a profitable and competitive enterprise in the market.

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