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Women, Chashi Foods, and the SDGs

Photograph by Tope Asokere

Around the world, the power relations that shape social, political, economic and cultural life prevent women from fully contributing to all areas of life. Despite the progress, worries continue pertaining to the subject of women participation and employment segregation, the significance of women’s work and the unbalanced division of labour. Women remain restricted in their participation in development projects.

According to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 constructed by the United Nations, there needs to be a global effort towards gender equality and

female empowerment. Similarly, section 17 of Zimbabwe’s constitution states that there

must be gender balance; full participation of women in all spheres of the Zimbabwean society on the basis of equality. Hence this is an issue of great importance to the work that we do at Chashi Foods.

We have joined the fight to curb gender inequality and to uplift women through

community development by joining hands with Watchman Relief, an organisation which believes that communities are the heart of countries. When families thrive, communities

thrive. Their organisation is committed to working with local volunteers, businesses, agencies, churches and organisations who believe in building strong communities. Through the power of partnerships, Chashi Foods and Watchman Relief are working

with a Domboshava-based women to equip them with skills useful in agriculture. These include skills in organic methods of home drying fruit and vegetables, as well as urban community gardening. We are uplifting women by sharing food perseveration skills whilst supporting their pursuit of financial freedom and impacting their families and communities.

We hope to continue this effort and develop multiple community-building partnerships and projects with your support.

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